1. Yeah! 

2. It's Always Something New 

3. Slice of Life 

4. Build it Up

5. Venice Beach 

6. Perfect World 


T O U R 



Charleston, SC's Heyrocco (est. 2014) embraces the early 90’s alternative boom with a sound that contains the melodic sensibilities and hard driving guitar sounds that gave that era a refreshing burst of authenticity that made it distinctive from the proceeding decade.   This can be heard throughout their debut September 2015 full length release “Teenage Movie Soundtrack”. The album transports listeners back to the era when alternative, guitar driven music ruled the airwaves and the subculture.  

Heyrocco recently teamed up with Producer/Songwriter/Guitarist Brendan Benson of The Raconteurs at his studio in the heart of Nashville. The results are part of their current EP release entitled “Waiting On Cool” (Dine Alone Records/Vital Music Group).

These are a culmination of songs that represent the year of touring and traveling following the recording of the debut LP and serve as a musical bridge between their debut and the band’s impending second LP. With this EP, the band documents the beginning of their evolution as writers, musicians, and people who have left behind their teenage years. With “Teenage Movie Soundtrack”, the resulting songs had a more linear idea thematically that was reflective of teenagers just graduating high school and having a very singular vision of expressing those feelings of angst and the unknown as it related to that finite period in the band’s lives.  With this EP, the band wanted the songs and emotion to be reflective of their maturation as a band and incorporate a more broad palate of musical ideas.


“In working with Brendan in particular, we really benefited from his innate talent as an arranger and his approach to song structure and melodies.  He gave us the ability to see the songs from a viewpoint outside of our own that benefited the greater good of the song as a whole, as opposed to looking at each part individually which helped us expand on the vision of what we are trying to achieve as artists and take those lessons and apply them moving forward.” 




W A T C H 

Teenage Movie Soundtrack

Teenage Movie Soundtrack

Waiting On Cool

Waiting On Cool